Bethany's Home Sweet Haunted Home

Bethany's is a super haunted airbnb right outside the business district.  With at least 12 spirits inhabiting the home, which used to be a brothel, boarding house and saloon, it is a very active location.  

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Preston Castle

Built in 1894, Preston School of Industry was a reform school for inmates as young as 7.  This building closed in 1960 and remained empty for 40 years. There are quite a few spirits here, they may be from the boys, staff, or even the locals who were sometimes brought to the Castle for emergency medical treatment.  As seen on Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and you can hear about it on podcasts like Haunted Road and Morbid. 


Jackson has 4 cemeteries all in the same area.  There is the city (or Pioneer) cemetery, attached is the St Patrick's Catholic cemetery.  Next to those is the St Sava Serbian cemetery. There are memorials in each of these 3 for the Argonaut mine disaster that happened in 1922. There is also a Jewish cemetery and if you walk through from Church St and cross Cemetery Rd.  All dating back to the late 1800s, there are some beautiful tombstones and interesting history (go find the placard for Madam Pantaloon). 

Kennedy Mine

The Kennedy Mine dates all the way back to 1860 and was the deepest gold mine in North American when it was forced to close in 1942 as part of the WW2 war effort.  The mine brought jobs, but also many tragic deaths. They do history and paranormal tours and have been seen on Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures

Hotel Ledger

First opened in 1851, The Hotel Ledger has has many lifetimes, including as the first court and jail in the area.  The restaurant and bar are a great place to enjoy the ambiance.  What lurks in the tunnels underneath, well you can watch Ghost Adventures to see more.  

Amador County Museum

Constructed in 1854 by  Armstead C. Brown, a 49er who became one of the founding fathers of Amador County. The Amador County Museum, holds collections that include a Gold History Exhibit, fashions of the past, a Victorian bedroom and parlor, a Native American collection, a Chinese American collection, and much more. A separate building houses the Mine Model Exhibit, working models built to scale of a Kennedy Mine tailing wheel, a hard-rock mining head frame, and a stamp mill.  

Black Chasm Caverns

While Black Chasm Cavern was likely known about by the local Miwok people who existed in this area long before the gold rush, the first documented exploration occurred in 1854. Today guests can explore the cavern via steep stairs and platforms  to give a dazzling view of an array of crystals throughout the cave guided by an experienced and knowledgeable cavern naturalist. 


There are over 50 wineries in Amador County. The oldest dating back to the Deaver vineyard dating back to 1850.  Primarily known for Zinfandel, winemakers also are known for their Barbera, Sangiovese, Syrah, Grenache, Vermentino, Tempranillo, and Aglianico varieties. If you like sweet wines, check out the frozen Moscato at Vino Noceto.  

Jackson Rancheria

Jackson Rancheria is more the casino for the 21 and older.  It has an amazing buffet, fantastic fine and casual dining options as well a hotel, RV park and campgrounds.